Forum Title: Which wood floor bonding adhesive?
Left my edges 2 short to join to tile without threshold. Want to do a flush join of 9/16 wood flooring to adjoining tile. Will set 1.5 strip cut from leftovers of same flooring, but will lift 2 floating installed wood floor to bond edge down, then in-fill void w/ the 1.5 strip. I copied this over from Tools & Supplies since it didn't get much attention; sorry if I broke the rules. Question is which bonding adhesive to use? Good reviews on Sika T21, or T55, but don't want to buy 4 gallon tub to just bond 30 feet of 4 width.What's an equivalent product in caulk gun size catridges? I'll post pics later when job is complete. PS: Floor is by company called 'Natures Beauty': 5-1/2 x 1/8 'Kempas' on 1/2 ply base [actaully 9/16 total thickness], then 1/16 foam moisture barrier underlayment floating on concrete slab on grade floor. Thanks, jps
Category: Flooring Post By: ISAAC SIMON (Murray, UT), 02/02/2019

back in the day wood floor/parquet adhesive was EXACTLY the same crap as the heavy duty construction adhesive. NONE of this stuff was remotely acrylic/latex/water based or remotely environmentally or otherwise healthy and safe to use but it ALL stuck.....pretty much ANYTHING down to the floor like a MF. Now they've got wood floor glue AND construction adhesive that looks, smells and works the same to me as rubber cove base glue or ceramic tile mastic. I wouldn't ever use that on wood in my house. 30 feet 4 wide is ten square feet. Why not use an epoxy adhesive and weight it down over night. I know they still make REAL construction/wood floor adhesive. I just don't find it when I need some. I'll bet the guys who do wood floor as a specialty HAVE to know brands and product #s. good luck.

- BRIAN WHITE (Montebello, CA), 04/23/2019

Could be wrong, but I think the new stuff, like Sika T21, etc, is polyurethane based, which keeps its flexible, but glued down. Also, the EPA, CARB, etc, buckled down on VOC's, so the manufacturers produced these new adhesives. I've used some Sika caulk on boats, and I know it works, and lots of places claim Sika flooring products [T21, T55] are among the best, but they only make 4 gal tubs. So, what polyurethane based adhesive bonds wood to concrete, and comes in smaller amounts like the caulk gun cartridges, or maybe a 1 gallon tub? Sounds like there are a bunch, just figured this being a flooring forum, this would be a 'no-brainer' for some installers.

- RICARDO WADE (McKinney, TX), 05/08/2019

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